Monday, February 9, 2015

Topography Quilting Tutorial

Hey there!!! Lets have a quick quilting tutorial. My latest favorite quilting design is Topography (or contour lines).

I have always LOVED maps. You can learn so much from a good map (especially military ones like the one above. It is one of my husbands maps. I think it is some part of Texas). You can look to see how to get somewhere, what alternative routes to take if a road is clogged with construction or backed up because of a wreck...where big intersections are where lakes and rivers will be. But did you know that you can actually see elevation on the maps? I am sure you knew that.

The red lines in this map show elevation. The closer the lines are together the more steep the incline.

It also show hilltops which are handy to have a good look around. It is these contours that I love quilting! Let me show you how I do it!

1) Start with a loose curving line.

2) Echo on either side of the line.

3) Add more curving lines

 4) Keep echoing the lines

5) If you get stuck make a hilltop

6) Add more hilltops! Hilltops are cool. This is a really really really fast way to quilt. It is seriously fast and so simple. This about it as a really big, echoed stipple - but light years better.

Here is is on my Doe quilt. I was looking for this one the other day and found it on my sons bed.

Look at that awesome texture!

I quilted contour lines on Elizabeth's Cotton+Steel quilt.

Good heaven it was fun to quilt!

I also used contour lines on the bags I made for Christmas presents for my sisters and mother.

It is great for small projects too!

Try it out next time you have a project! Or you can send your quilt to me and I would love to quilt it. Best design right now.

If you try I would love to see how you go.


Cotton+Steel Bundles in the Shop

I have been having the best time putting bundles together for my Shop. If you know me at all you know how wild I am for Cotton+Steel and their AWESOME fabric. There are so many prints that finding happy combinations are intimidating for some. Heck I know they have been for me. The shades and tones are very unique, and it has been a bit tricky to find stuff that works well without being Chaos. I especially love the combination of substrates. I like to mix the linen blend, the lawn and the double gauze. It makes the coolest quilt!

Anyway, I have been making some pretty simple quilt designs with these sets and will soon have them finished. If you want a bundle or two please find them in my SHOP. If they are gone it is easy to cut more, just send me an email or message.


latest quilts

Hey there! I hope you are all well. I have been busy quilting and cutting fabric. Let me show you a few of the quilts I have quilted lately. First up is Cindy's fabulous snowball quilt.

I used on of my favorite edge to edge quilting designs on it (Modern Maze) It blends so well, but gives the quilt the best texture.

I love how this design looks custom quilted, but it is a great cost alternative. It is so pretty! I tell you that I love custom quilting, but boy sometimes an edge to edge is just the ticket! Thank you Cindy for letting me quilt your quilt!

This next one was done by my friend Shelley. She now is lucky enough to live in Hawaii. The Pattern is called Balinese Wedding Star by Judy Niemeyer. It is just a glorious quilt and my photography does nothing for it. It has was dark and dreary and the lighting in my studio was funny, so forgive me.

I custom quilted this quilt with the help of my Statler Stitcher and a set by Laurie Thomas. It took so long to quilt with the Statler. Many folks think it is so easy to use the Statler for custom quilt work, but in reality quilting a Custom quilt in computer guided mode takes about twice the time as just free handing it. At least that is what I have found in my experience. I do love how this quilt turned out though.

Here is a shot of the back...again the light it terrible. Sorry.

This is what the quilting looks like.

Next up is Traci's little wall hanging. I taught this block a couple months ago to my quilt posse. We took a picture of our houses and turned them into an improv pieced quilt block. Traci took it a couple steps further and added trees and borders. She wanted it custom quilted and the only stipulation was that I do a green vine in the white border.

So...swirling sky went in, and jagged grass. Bricks and slate roof. Some of you may recognize this house as one of the historic homes on Ft. Leavenworth. You are right! Traci has since moved to an even better historic house on post. I suppose another quilt is in order!

I quilted my very favorite Army quote in the yellow border "I had cast my lot with a soldier and where was was home to me." I used it for years on my Camp Follower Bags and I was thrilled to use it again on this quilt.

Here is some of the back of the quilt.

Traci's sewing room was up in the attic, so I put her sewing machine in the window.

And her awesome cat, Breezy is in the window down in the living room.

This was such a fun little piece of art to quilt! I want to finish my houses too!

have a happy week folks!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I am Selling Cotton+Steel in my shop

I am super excited to finally announce that I am selling Cotton+Steel fabric in my shop. I had big big big plans for this fabric and my future...but time has passed and my life has charged ahead at full steam, so I have decided to just sell yardage and bundles in my shop. I was going to rock the world with my fabulous patterns and kits, but maybe that will happen later this year. As of now, you can find some lovely Cotton+Steel fabric RIGHT HERE

I will be adding more bundles soon. As of now there are 2 left in the shop.

I love it all stacked up on the tables

This bug print is my favorite from the new Cotton+Steel. It is Flight Natural in Multi. I think it will make the best quilt back EVER!!!

So SO pretty! I can't wait to play with it myself!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A signature quilt

Hey there! How are you? I hope you are all good. I finished this quilt a couple days ago. It is custom quilted....lets look at a couple more detail pictures..

They didn't want heavy quilting in the gold signature blacks, so I used a matching gold thread to just to lines

The frames around the signatures got feathers and it is hard to tell, but the green paisley fabric has paisleys quilted into it.

I echo quilted around Dr. Shirley's name and that seemed to work rather well.

Then I plopped little feather deals in the squares. It is all free hand quilted with the exception of the little squares.

This is such a neat moment for so many years teaching Nursing!


Friday, January 16, 2015

A Christmas quilt

I finished quilting this fabulous old quilt for a client. It was hand pieced by her great aunt back in the 1930s. Taylor wanted it to look like a Christmas red work quilt.

I quilted this in two phases. First all the white thread, then the Statler quilted the red motifs. I doubled up the red thread so it would look a bit more thick.

The reindeer was my favorite

I loved the gingerbread house too.

I used an orange peel design all around the little hand pieced red and white squares. This took ages, but I sure love how it turned out!

Have a great day!
Tia Curtis